Make up in Pastels

These, Pastel, almost natural and hard to see make up's are so light, so pretty and sweet i can't resist them.
With open hair and a  floral or colorful dress  this make up will be perfect for any occasion.
Light pink lips and a hint of a bronzer is all you need to achieve perfect look.
These are my inspirations for tomorrows competitions make up Look!
Soon will be seen here.


Today for me was a superb day - I got a cup in the 3rd Latvian make up artists competition among professional school students. More about this soon! (need Pictures)
And tomorrow is another competition - inside of Expo beauty trade show. 
"Extravagant Brides"  If you are in Latvia- Riga- About 14:00 will be fine to come and watch an amazing show. I will be doing make up my friend will be doing hairstyle and together we made a crazy dress for wedding.

i Wish U

Light and Magical weekend. 

With Love L>

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