make up for ever step by step


 Today i will show you another really quick and waterproof make up from MAKE UP FOR EVER professional.
Aqua Shadow - 2 Color Blend

Step 1

Apply Aqua Shadow #22 pencil from the inner corner to the middle of the upper eyelid.

Step 2
Apply Aqua Shadow #2 from the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid.

Step 3
Blend the two colors together using the 14S Brush with forward and backward movements from the outer corner toward the inner corner of the eye. The colors must be blended into the skin, slightly above the eyelid crease. Blend quickly before the texture dries.

Step 4
For a highlighting effect, apply Aqua Shadow #28 to the inner corner of the eye, then blend in the color using the Brush 5N.

Step 5
Apply the same color on the brow bone to highlight. Then blend in with the Brush 5N

Step 6
Draw a line along the upper lashes using Aqua Eyes #2, not forgetting to apply color between the lashes for maximum intensity (for a softer result, blend the Aqua Eyes pencil using the 2S Brush).

Step 7
Apply Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. For an intense result, repeat the application.

The Final Result

Hope you liked this look.
You can use any waterproof pencils or shadows to achieve this look and it will be perfect for a day by the see or party by the pool. You won't have to worry about your make up.

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