monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Today, you can read another interesting interview with another latvian Make up artist & Stylist 
Anda Nartiša

Name, Surname:   Anda Nartiša

Profession:  Fashion designer, make up artist, stylist. 

Working place:   www.andanartisa.lv

How did you choose your profession? 
 It wasn't hard, since my childhood i have liked everything that has something to do with fashion, costumes and beauty. This is a beautiful, feminine and creative profession.

What do you like in your job?
Feeling when you even a little bit can make this world more beautiful and more interesting. Process and final result, when your client is dressed up and satisfied.

Who or what inspires you?
Inspires me harmonious environment and relationships around me . Caffe Late, chocolate and good fashion magazines.

What make up brands do you use?
Mostly i work with Make Up For EVER, but there is some other good products from MAC, Isadora, GOSH, ArtDeco and Make Up Factory and other.

What is in your make-up Bag?
Most important things for everyday make-up. Definitely good foundation, mascara and lip gloss .

Product/s you can't live without. 
Good,  qualitative MAC Foundation.

Product/s with negative experience.
Avon un Oriflame dekorative cosmetic.

Dream in your professional career. ( with who or where would you like to work)?
Create my own clothing line and offer my clients full style service package. 

What has been your biggest challenge in your make up career?
The last positive challenge is creating the new singers Antras Stafeckas stage image and before work with her in tv show " O kartes skatuve 2" 

What is the most popular question that client ask  you?
What color suits me?

Your professional advice or suggestion you would like yo share.
Do what your love and what you can do best.  Be a professional in your area, cause we meet so many unprofessional people in every field.

Do you have any other hobbies?
At the moment biggest and the most important part of my life  takes nursing my son. And at the rest of the time i am keen with all things that are related with my profession- fashion, design and other things. 

Here are pictures with some Andas works.

all pictures are property of  Anda Nartisa and cant be used without her permission.

2 komentāri:

  1. manuprāt, tev ļoti labi ir sanācis ar šiem rakstiem par meitenēm kuras ir make up artist!
    tas liek ieraudzīt un atpazīt šādus cilvēkus un viņu darbus. :) Paldies par šiem rakstiem.

    1. Man ir liels prieks, ka patīk šie raksti. Es vēlos arī izveidot šādus rkastus par meitenēm, kuras neblogo par kosmētiku, bet ikdienā to lieto. ( par to kādi produkti ir viņu maciņos )