Summer Time


 Today about the Sun ;)

Last Sunday i went to the beach with one of my friends. And while i was thinking what i need i figured out that there are just 2 things i own... 

First One i use before! It is PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lotion with SPF 15 ( i need one with 30) 
it is not greasy, not stick and smells very nice. http://www.pizbuin.com/us/welcome
 Second one is  Lancaster  After Sun Tan Maximizer. I use this product for years. 
You have to apply this cream at least for 4 days to increase tan. 
To protect my skin on lips i use just a plain lip balm. ( any)

But when i was younger i used to use baby oil to increase my tan. 
I applied it before sunbathing not after :)

while i was in the beach i wasn't wearing any make up.
But when in the evening i went with my friend to have a dinner and a glass of wine in a 
very nice outdoor place called " Cabo" i Did a really quick make up 

it was so sunny that i guess just few even saw my make up cause all the time i was with my sunnies.

I was wearing :
Prada Sunnies 
Zara shirt
Līga Banga jacket
Ring - H&M

Cabo cafe

More pictures on Instagram @LauraValuta

I would love to know What products You like to use To protect and Moisturize your skin when sunbathing ?

wish you amazing tuesday 

2 komentāri:

  1. Man patīk Tavas bildes, vienmēr tiiiik skaistas un stilīgas! Par Lancaster Tan Maximizer, tas tiešām labi palīdz? Respektīvi TU jūti efektu, ja to nelieto un tad, ja lieto?

    1. Es principā viņu dievinu, bet apzinos, ka tiešām viņs labāko rezultātu sniedz ja tu tiešām vismaz 4 dienas pēc kārtas sauļojies un arī ar viņu smērējies. Principā tāds holiday krēms. Bet manuprāt viņš kkā arī palīdz to iedegumu kaut noturēt un viņš tik ātri nenoiet. :)