Right People make up school


Today i will tell you and show you what i have learned recently :)
I got a chance to study a bit at Right people make-up school in Riga.
Teachers are two absolutely amazing talented Girls 
Irina Ivashko (Irina Ivaško)  & Aljona Smirnova (Aļona Smirnova)

So i had a chance to learn Podium make up.

Here are the make ups i did.  Almost al techniques for me were new. 
I adore working with aqua colors. To do clean job with aqua colors takes a lots of time and as well lots of practice but the result is absolutely breathtaking :)

 To draw a feather is not as easy as it can look. 

 This is my favorite technique with aqua colors.

Liked this make up but was hard for me to do it symmetrical.

Oh, this one i adore, would look even better if i had pure pigments. This make up takes patience. 

Love the colors & would look even better if i added some crystals . 
I forgot them at home :(

So this is what i have done in past 2 weeks :)

Hope you liked this post :)
Next one will be about comparing Maybelline mascaras - Illegal length and colossal volum express waterproof.

Wish you sunny and happy day :) 

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  1. Wow!!! looks amazing I love it!! thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.