monday special - interview with Make up Artist

 today is another beautiful Monday and i would like to share another story about another make-up artist.

Elīna Rulle

Name, surname: Elīna Rulle

Profession: Marketing manager, makeup artist

Working place: Lingmaster; Praetor

How you chose your profession?
I like to be versatile, cause many seemingly incompatible things, complement each other very well. Important that it is interesting to me and i can do to others something useful. To give positive emotions or to make someones life even better! :)  

What do you like in your job?
Marketing – very versatile spectrum, many possibilities to go abroad for business trips and to meet many different and interesting people. Fixed work schedule un all red days in calendar are always free :) As well possibility to learn business thinking.
Make-up artist – Freer working schedule, much less routine. As well grate opportunity to meet and to know interesting and colorful personalities, interesting work environment. As well nice if my work can make them feel better, feel happier.

Who or what inspires you in your life? 
Bright personalities & charismatic persons . They - who does in their life what they truly love and they are good at . 

 What make up brands you use in your job?
Very different - begging with Avon and ending with Make up forever 

What is in your make up bag? 
If i leve my home without a powder - then the day is ruined. :) as well definitely  there has to be concealer, blush brush and sculpting kit. 

Produkt/s  you can't live without... 
Make Up Forever sculpting kit, colorless loose powder and concealer.

Produkt/s with negative experience....
If seriously then i haven't bought anything" useless". 

Dream in your professional career ? ( with who or where would you like to work) ?
I would love to combine marketing with make up &  psychology! Interesting, what would be the outcome? 

What has been your biggest challenge in your career?
-       Companies  presentation in international ELIA Networking Days event. 
-       Every make up work is a new challenge!

Any fun story?
There is people  with who i joke and laugh almost always when we work together. We even don't need a reason why.

What is the most common question from your clients? 
“Please, make it nicely! " 

Is there any professional advice or tip you would like to share? 

I think the most important when you do any makeup it has to make client happy. And that he feels good and comfortable with the make-up. If Artists doesn't like it  that doesn't count cause client has to feel amazing.

Do you have other hobbies? 
Travelling  & Psychology .

All pictures are from Elīnas Rulles personal archives and can't be used without her permission. 

Thank you Elīna for your fantastic answers. 
Hope you guys liked it as well.


I have an idea!
This goes to all Latvian beauty and style bloggers and make up enthusiasts.
I would like to know- how many of you would like to meet up and talk about beauty and share tips, tricks and talk about best products and other things.
Please let me know writing to laura@lauravaluta.com
If there is gonna be at least few interested persons i will start to talk about time and place :)
But for now i wish you sunny tomorrow  
with Love 

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