Saulkrasti Jazz Festival

Oh, i have to write about this event.  I am not a big Jazz music fan BUT this event is worth attending. It took a place in beautiful city called Saulkrasti ( this is my translation - Sun coasts ) One week, One stage many artists from all over the world. I went there just for one evening and for few hours.  It stated to rain unfortunately and after 15 minutes in the rain we started to feel a bit cold and wet :(

You can find some videos  Here  and i introduce you with some pictures from this amazing event.

Photos: Pony & Smith  for Saulkrasti Jazz

This is what i was wearing to this event. It was quite chilly and after one hour i borrowed my boyfriends jacket to warm up. ;)

Versace for H&M - Jacket
Guess - Jeans
D&G - belt
Neon Bag i bought in Italy in San Marino
Storets - bling bling :) sneakers
Cubus - Necklace
New Yorker - Neon rings
Bracelets - Ornage & Ebay

Have you been to jazz festivals and do you like this kind of music!?
Now i am packing and going to the POSITIVUS festival.
Very soon about Positivus here in my blog!
Wish you amazing Weekend and lots of fun!

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