July Favorites

Today i will show  you just a few beauty products i am using and i am so in love with the results :)

First of them is PUPA Reshaping salt scrub with active oxygen
Second One is Estelina's Spa treatment cream with A,C & E vitamins
And the third one is The Body shop Body butter Passion Friut

PUPA Reshaping Salt scrub is amaizng. before i bought this big can i had a chance to try it out & i was blown away. My skin after i used this scrub looked so fresh and clean. Felt so even and soft. And the smell - it's a pity that i can't add the smell of it, it is so calming and refreshing. 

So what does this scrub?
Reshaping Salt Scrub is recommended the whole year through, to keep skin ultra smooth and even and to get it immediately ready to receive the ingredients of any treatment, both at home and in beauty centres. It also favours an additional toning and draining action that helps to reshape the contours.

Particularly recommended  before summer begins, for a more homogeneous and bright sun tan, or after the summer, to scrub away sun thickened skin and eliminate dyschromias and flaking. During the winter season, it minimizes dryness and chapping.

This can is quite big and it will last quite a long time as well. 
This product  has to be used twice a week. 
Oh, i even can't wait the next time when i will be able to use it - sounds crazy right?

Each time when before using scrub i have to stir it with the spatula that came in the package.

 On the skin scrub looks like this.
 And after i rinse the excess of my skin is covered in a thin layer of oil.  It is not greasy at all just softens  the skin.

Second Product was Estelina's SPA treatment cream 

My hands all the time are so dry, i tried out so many hand creams and no results. Till recently my manicurist wanted that i try out this cream. it is not just for hands- it can be used all around body where the skin is dry or rough. And it works- it is really thick cream and i use it before i go to sleep & even in the morning when i wash my hands i can feel that i wash the excess of. Now the skin on my hands looks better :) Sad but it is not the product you can buy in the shop cause it is kind a professional. But my manicurist bought one for me as well. 
You can check their products out HERE

What they say about this cream? 
A concentrated formulation designed to repair cracked heels, deoderize and nourish red or damaged skin, and regenerate new skin cells. Especially effective when used with our Spa Treatment Scrub.
And the third but not least is The Body Shop body butter

All winter time and spring i was using chocomania cream but during the summer time smell is too strong and the cream is too greasy that sometimes if the weather is really dry all the dirt that is in the air sticks to my legs and other parts where is no clothes. NOT NICE AT ALL. So i went to choose a different one. And i brought home Passion Fruit. This cream is more lighter but still moisturizes enough. And the scent is light and nice. Perfect for summer time ;) 
Home page HERE

By the way in Latvia PUPAs Cosmetic can be bought in Disco Cosmetics shops and KRISTIANA.

Have you used any of these products and if No would you like to try them out? 
Wish you Amazing and beautiful Day
Kisses L>

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  1. Gribētos pamēģināt PUPA produktus, dzirdu arvien jaunas un labas atsauksmes. :) The Body Shop sviestiņus zina un mīl gandrīz visi, es tai skaitā. :)

    1. Nēesmu gan lietojusi ļoti daudz no PUPAS. man ir tik sāls skrubis, skropstu tuša un kosmētikas noņemšanai pieniņš. Visi produkti man ļoti patīk . Ah jā- Body shop - ar visiem saviem smāķīšiem :)

  2. i love smoothies!! i always make them to you can get so much nutrition out of them