Healthy Saturday

Oh, i thought that i want to share with you my healthy recipes :)  I as i know how good are fruits and all the vitamins in them but it is hard for me to eat loads of them every day . I make smoothies -

What you need?

and Fruits - ( Your choice)
It takes less than 10 minutes to make a very healthy and mmm yummi smoothie ;)

What to mix??
Any fruits you prefer. I use as a base banana and then add 2 more fruits.. can be kiwi, pear, strawberry, mango, passion fruit, melon, blueberry, plum, peach, pineapple, papaya... and i could find many more to count.

My favorite ones are:
papaya, banana and passion fruit
Strawberry, banana, passion fruit
Banana, kiwi and pear
as well i like to add some exotic fruits i can find in shops sometimes.
Now i really want to try - banana, mint and strawberry.
During the summertime i add crushed ice. These smoothies are delicious and the most important thing very healthy. in the evening instead of eating sweets or filling up with sandwiches you can drink this tasty and healthy drink :)
HERE are some recipes

Do you have any recipes for healthy snacks? Would you like that i post ideas for health snacks?

And now I Wish you healthy  weekend :) Hugs,

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  1. Vai, paldies par idejām!
    VAsaras periodā ik pa laikam uznāk tāds brīdis, kad gribās kaut ko atsvaidzinošu un garšīgu. Viss tik gards izskatās!

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