Positivus Festival

Hey Girlies! 
This is a story about Positivus festival
This festival took a place Last weekend in Salacgrīva.
And as i was working Saturday morning i had a chance to go there just for one day.
And as this party every year turns out really crazy then i took with me my small camera. And that was crazy. Something went wrong and i lost all my " What i was wearing pictures" And Normal Make up pictures. But something still was left in it. Not the best quality and i am really sorry for that.

I had a dramatic purple make-up with swarovski crystals and flitters on my  temples. 

Some pictures from the inside of the festival.

Here you can have a closer and better view of the make up.

And Just some pictures of what i was wearing

Zara - top
Only jeans jacket - very old ( with my design update - i will create a post about it )
Versace for H&M - leggings & H&M necklace, rings
Urban Outfitters - peace belt - can be found HERE
MOOVE BOOT - rubber boots
Bracelets - Ebay and Orange
New Look - bag ( somewhere under clothes)
ASOS  - cape

I am soo sad and sorry about the pictures once again. 
Next time i have to double check that everything is safe in my laptop 

In this picture with my boyfriend and new friend in a bus stop waiting for taxi to go to the festival!

And here some Instagram Photos.

I look like a vampire with these eyes :D

HERE you can check out more and better quality photos and videos from this festival :) 
Maybe some of you i will meet there next year ?

4 komentāri:

  1. ļoti nožēloju, ka nepaņēmu savus gumpīšus, jo tie būtu ļoti noderējuši. :)
    ļoti iespaidīgs grims. brīnos kā es varēju nepamanīju starp visiem cilvēkiem.he

    1. Jā, Gumijnieki bija paši atbilstošākie apavi šim pasākumam :) Man jau šķiet ka make up bija tiešām reāli smuks sanācis, tik ar to drannķīgo kameru neko īsti nevarēja jēdzīgu sabildēt. Bet nu būs mācība. Nebrīnos, ka mani nepamanīji - tur tomēr ap 25 tūstošiem cilvēku bija :D

  2. Found you on Makeupbee, you're very talented girly!
    -Imani Love

    1. Oh, hey ;) Thanx - so sweet of you! xoxo