Monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Hey, lovebugs! 
I feel that time flies too fast. 
Again it is monday and time for an Interview with another talented Makeup artist. 

This time it is Elīna Straume

Name, Surname – Elīna Straume

Profession - Make-up artist, hairdresser & sometimes as well stylist

Working Place – Rīga,Valmiera

How did you chose your profession? 
Deliberately and as well accidentally. In the fashion business i am from the age of 16. Started as a model and the rest professions were added naturally. Although at the beginning i studied Legal studies.

Is there any other profession  you would like to do if you wouldn't a Makeup Artist? 
Then definitely that would be Legal studies.

What do you like in your work?
Creative moment is the most interesting in this work. Each of us is different and it makes it interesting. For example the same haircut wont look the same on two different people. The same is with the make up and all the rest. I really like to work for photo shoots when all the work from beginning till the end is mine. Except taking the photos but i believe that in time i could start taking pictures as well. 

Who or what inspires you?
 In my life i am inspired by everything cause everything around - people, tv, radio, magazines, internet, nature - all of this is good for inspiration.  

What cosmetic brands do you use in your work. 
For makeup i use a large variety of products, what i have bought  over time and the same is with hair products. At the moment from hair products my favorite brand is CHI .

What is in your make up bag?
To be honest i dont have a make up bag. Especially during the summer i don't like to do makeup. But if what my make up minimum is light foundation fluid. mascara and bronzer. 

Product/s you cant live without . 
Can't live without  hair oils and  hair silk what makes hair shiny and easy to style.

Product/s with a negative experience.
Thought about this question for a long time and in the end nothing very negative didn't came to mind. There are few shampoos that are useless and as well some hair colors that can quickly damage the hair structure. But from the make up i cant recall any. 

Dream in your professional career with who or where would you like to work? 
I would like to work for one of the fashion weeks - for example Milan fashion week. 

What have been the biggest challenge in your career?
Hope that there will be one and it will be beautiful cause i like challenges. 

Fun story what has happened in your work. 
Fun this usually happens with photographers, who very often are very interesting people with different view of life. 

What is the most common question that clients ask you? 
“ What would suit me the most !??! “

Kāds profesionāls padoms vai ieteikums ar kuru tu vēlētos dalīties.
Hair gloss is brilliant invention as well as MIST & FIX from Makeup For Ever  has to be in every make up artists bag to maintain makeup perfect and will make life easier . To get very sensual lip look before applying color put on the lips lipgloss and only then color. 

Do you have any other hobbies?
My work is my hobby thats for sure. And as well i really like to travel and sometimes play poker with my friends.

You can contact me trough E-mail  elina.straume@gmail.com
Or you can find me draugiem.lv, facebook.com & fomo.lv.

Thank You Elīna for your time and generous answers!
Here are some pictures with Elīnas works. 

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