Wedding Time

Hello My precious :)
Today is a post about my latest Wedding time jobs.
After few hours i am going to other city where my friend lives and tomorrow she has a wedding. I will do her Hair & make up and after that we have 2 beautiful days to celebrate her wedding :)

Working with brides makes me so so happy. I love to see the spark in their eyes when everything is done and they are ready to say  "YES". This is the job that fills my heart. I love to meet them in the mornings, talk about different  things while i am making their hair and make-up. Calm them  down and cheer up that everything in this day will be perfect :) Ok, i could talk on and on about them. 

So here are some of my Brides :) Most of the pictures are from the testing. Cause photographers usually gives pictures after a month or even longer time. 

Photo Kaspars Filips Dobrovolskis 

Photo Kaspars Filips Dobrovolskis 

I love them all so so much and i am glad that i could be part of their most magical day! Second part coming in september ;)
Kisses to you and have an amazing weekend.
see you on monday :)

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