Monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Hey hey!
Today again begins new week  & we will begin it with a new interview.
This time it is 
Sannija Klāsupa

Name, Surname- Sannija Klāsupa

Profession - Make-up Artist

Working place - Freelance Make-up Artistst

How did you chose your profession?  I liked beauty since i was a kid and i started to use makeup early. . 

Is there any other profession you would like to do if you wouldn't be a Make-up Artist?   This is my hobby i have as well other job . 

What do you like in your work? Working with people, colors and definitely seeing the result . 

What or who inspires you?  Music

What make-up brands do you use in your job?  Different , NYX, Make up for ever, Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Loreal, Maybelline, Gosh and other.

What is in your make-up bag?  Minimum - foundation, mascara, eye pencil, lip gloss .

Product/s you can't live without? Mascara, eye pencil

Product/s with a negative experience, I think there is none .

Dream in your professional career ( with who or where would you like to work)?  There is a Dream in Latvia and as well abroad. 

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?  Full make up in 15 minutes 

Fun story from your work.  Brides friend left in my shoes :)

Do you have any other hobbies?  I like to do braids and to do hairstyles at the moment learning by my self and i like photography.

All kind of make-up  (day, evening, wedding, TV, Foto) Rīga-Jelgava, experience as well In  magazine “Mājas” transformations, diploma ( International Makeup artist school ), eyebrow correction, tinting, Lash curling, french braids.
Mob. 29206336
Mail: Vogue999@inbox.lv

Thank you Sannija for your answers. 
And here are some pictures with her works.

Wish you amazing monday! 
Hugs to you all 

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