Ciao ragazzi!

Yesterday i returned from Milan where i spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I got home at about 3:00 PM and at 6:00 PM i already had to work. I was very tired and i knew tat i had to work today early so i went to sleep. But today i feel more alive and can't wait to share My journey with you :)


Leaving RIGA 

Tank Top 
Versace for H&M - leggings
Storets - Sneakers
Cotton - Vest 
Jewelery - Ebay, Orange
H&M - Necklace 
Furla - Candy Bag

First Evening - getting ready to explore Milan

Ready to go out :) Me, Laura Marta and Kristina 

I was wearing 
Zara - shirt, shorts
Furla - Candy bag
Ebay braceletes
H&M necklace

 Dinner ( APERATIVO) at  Deseo ( Corso Sempione 2) ! Pay 8euros - get a cocktail and eat as much as you want (from Buffet). Very nice place, good music and for 1 euro Candy Guy in the restroom will rise your sugar level :)

 Saturday - Laura Showing what we were doing Last Night :) ( Biked Me -Him) 
Rent a Bike in Milan is not so easy- you have to buy a special card or register in web before you can get them. Then first half hour is free after you have to pay. But you can't use one bike for longer than 2 hours. ( They have sharing policy ) 

 Very touristic Photos :D 

 On the roof of the DUOMO. We walked up. Wasn't that bad! entrance 7euros by lift 12 euros
Religion - top
Zara- Shorts
Ebay bracelets
Sheinside - spike mocasines

Nice Chocolate fountain in some window ;) 

Best last seen Add.

And i ( We) did some shopping :) 

I've Got:
Guess Jeans 
Zara pants with dogs and knitted top
Bershka - Skinny pants
Accessories from H&M
Heels and Clutch from JDC
Alexander Mcqueen  - blouse 
Hoodie ( I Love Milano ) - from souvenir shop 
And pearl scull earrings from noname shop 
( i bought as well jumper and t shirt for my Boyfriend from Diesel and Bershka) 
And for My sisters son In Disney store new robe with spiderman :)

Going Out Saturday Night 

 First we spent half of evening on Corso Sempione having fun in all those amazing bars!! 
and After we went to Just Cavalli club ( entrance 30euros) included one free drink (One drink 10Euros)

 Sunday Morning at our Apartment - Brera apartments - Garibaldi suit! Via Amfiteatro 12
We had an amazing apartment! 1 double bed, 1 double couch as a bed, bathroom, kitchen, 2 tv's , music centre, fee wii-fii. I guess not the cheapest way where to stay, but as well not the most expensive one.
Very light and clean - if i will go again to milan i will definitely stay there again! 

Corner of Via Garibaldi and Via Amfiteatro

Every morning Marta went to this place to buy fresh and very tasty cruosants ( with different fillings) for breakfast. 

Still something you can see walking down via Garibaldi


Metro station Moscov - on our way to Lido swimming pool 

 Public Swimming Pool - LIDO - entrance 5.50euros  (very very crowded place) 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Window shopping :) Very nice Apple bags
 Galeria Vittorio Emanuele 

Modern Part of Milan - place were the old canals where/are. Full with art galleries, bars, restaurants and weird ( But in a good way) Shops - where i bought my pearl scull earrings.

 Dinner in a classical Italian kitchens restaurant - "Anema e Cozze"
Typical Napoletano! Very tasty food! Prices are average. Starteres till 10 euros seconds 10 - 16 euros Vine 14 - 20 euros 

Zara -  Knitted top, pants with dogs
H&M - Pearl necklace
Sheinside - Spike mocasines 
Furla - candy bag
Swarovski- Ring
Ebay- bracelets

 This was the Shop thai i would love to take with me!  SO original and cool stuff. 

 And  my new pearl scull earrings ;) Love them

I felt in Love with this absolutely amazing Necklace! Designed by GIOVANNI RASPINI
This necklace was a bit too expensive for me 819euros :( but if i would have a spare grand i wouldn't think twice and i at this moment i would be waring it already :)
Reminds me a little bit John Galliano or Jean Paul Gaultier.  

I was surprised that i didn't bought anything from the make up :D But i was looking for something and i didn't found it :( Wish to Go to Milan Soon Again! 
And I Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Hugs and a wonderful day to you all!

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  1. uu, ieraudzīju zināmu seju tavās bildēs. :)
    brīnišķīgas bildes, izskatās, ka ir bijusi lieliska atpūta. :)

    1. Oho, kura tad ir tā zināmā seja? :)) Paldies - ceļojums tiešām bija lielsiks

    2. Paegļu māsiņa? :) Pareizi? *varu arī kļūdīties.

    3. Ir ir :) Tā pati vien :)

  2. Lieliskas bildes no ceļojuma. Var redzēt, ka lieliski pavadīji laiku.:)
    Tagad gaidīsim rakstus par jaunajām lietiņām.

    1. Atvainojos gan par bilžu kvalitāti- pat mans ziepju trauks bija pavisam nejauks un noplīsa zoom.. :(
      Jaunās lietiņas jau ir tikai lupatas :D vai arī tās gribētos redzēt? :))

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    1. Hey i Am from Latvia! Riga! ( EUROPE) you can check my homepage www.lauravaluta.com :)