New Beuaty Products

Yesterday i went shopping and i bought some few things :) 
Half was for hair and half was for Make up
 This is what i got

For Hair

1) OSIS+ Flatliner sleek- Flattening Iron serum ( 7.42)
2) OSIS+ Glamour Queen finish H2o Free volumising hairspray (9.35)
3) Setting net - for hairstyling :) (1.45)
4) Mini Volume Iron (12.99)
haa haaa - The Body Shop shower gel as well is for the hair ( no! just Joking ) i just bought it as well the same day :)


1) Jester Eulenspiegel - make up for face & body painting - white 2.99 
2) white feather 10pieces 0.88 
3) Make up sponges ( 3 different) 1.99

And Today i bought Hair Color for my Mom and Me and healing mask for hair all from AlfaParf Milano

These days are so busy for me! i am brides made and as well wedding planner and as well witness in Her wedding so i have loads of things to do, to buy and so on! 

So forgive me if there is a lack of posts - especially the Monday special ones - interviews with Make up artists & Stylists! :)

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