Maybelline New COLORAMA

Hey Lovebugs!
Today i finally can show you what's new From Maybelline New York!
And i can tell you what i am thinking.

Big thanks To Maybelline Latvija.
Here are the new products!

8 Gorgeous nail polish colors and a CD (inside pictures with all nail polishes from collection) 

At the first moment these 3 were my favorites :) Loved how they looked in the bottle 

Maybelline New York EyesStudio Lasting Drama Gel  eyeliner - intense black 01 (contains a professional brush ), Pencil sharpener and Maybelline New York Kohl eye pencil -  Dark Brown 
Master drama Kohl pencil! Brown! 
Soft, easy to apply and to blend! lasting 16h!  I have tried and for 12h stayed where it was :)
 This Gel eyeliner!
lasts 24hr- non transfer, intense color, easy application!
I have to say, that Gel liner  is brilliant! - I love it as well as the brush! 
Lasts all day and doesn't make stains! That's all what is asked from the eyeliner and this one has a third bonus - easy application!!! At the shops in Latvija From the end of the August . Price between 6 and 7 lats.

AND here Some Beautiful nail polishes from new COLORAMA collection ;) 

From Left - 652, 103, 86, 83, 155, 15, 261

So today i went to see my friend and my manicure specialist to Say an objective opinion about these nail polishes. 

She tried them  all out and she said that they are amazing! Pigmentation is very good, consistence is good, First coat dries really fast, application is easy ( just the brush could be a bit thiner - it doesn't make semicircle.) When dries stays shiny, doesn't make lines. And i would say that when they are on nail colors looks even more beautiful than they are in the bottles :) I guess thats a big + 

The only color that i one coat doesn't look as in the bottle is red - 15 In one coat it looks pink, but with two coats really red. But My friend told that that is normal- cause red is a difficult color. 

 My favorite tones are 
261 (very rich and beautiful), 155 ( bright and vivid) 103 ( adore these blue tones) and 652 ( Chic) 

Oh, i am so happy that i had a chance to try these things! I have to say that you wont regret buying Gel eyeliner! and Nail polishes are amazing too!

Do you have your favorite color from these ones? And maybe you have tried them - let me know what do You think about them!

I had such a good mood doing this post  looking at these bright colors made my day more colorful!
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Wish you sunny & warm Saturday, i am off to make one Bride more beautiful and more happier today!

8 komentāri:

  1. Piekrītu, ļoti labi produkti. No nagu lakām mana favorīte ir zaļgani pelēkais tonis, dikti patīk. :)

  2. The nail polishes are so pretty!


  3. Ļoti pārskatāmi visas lakas parādītas!
    Forši, ka kaut kas atšķirīgs no citiem Colorama pārskatiem! ;)

    1. Paldies, liels prieks to dzirdēt :)

  4. I must have all the nail colors!

    1. All of them? oh, you will have to paint each nail differently :)

  5. tieši šodien nolēmu pamēģināt šīs nagulakas, nopirku 652 un 261 un iemīlējos. krāsas tiešām skaistas, otiņa plata, ātri nožūst un pietiek ar vienu kārtu. ideāli. un tagad neliela atlaide tieši drogās :)