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Today is Monday and I can share with you new interview !
Today with 
Arita Cimermane

Name, Surname
Arita Cimermane

Make-up Artist, Photographer 

Working Place

How did you chose your profession?
I was passionate about make-up since middle school. I started to get more and more interested in it till i started to study in International Makeup School and there i become a Make-up Artist . 

Maybe there is other profession you would like to do if you wouldn't be a Make-up Artist?
I have a degree as well in classical philology, but the most happy i am when i am working in beauty world.

What do you like about your work?
It is a fantastic feeling,when you see how women change not only from outside but as well from the inside, each time when she has a beautiful make-up on. Eyes has a sparkle, smile shows and self-esteem grows.

Who or what inspires you most?
I am inspired from world class photographers. As well from photographies where are shown interesting characters or just simple nature. 

What make-up Brands do you use in your work?
For clients i use during the time tested and approved as good products from Makeup Forever, Inglot, Too Faced, Chanel , Lancome u.c.

What is in your make-up Bag?
I have to say that my make-up bag is  pretty big, cause when i leave my house i  do a full make-up on my self . I like to test and to try out different make-up products and techniques . Definitely there is a mineral  foundation, peach tone blush, natural tone eyeshadows, mascara, eye pencil, nude lipstick, lip glosses and other things ..

Product/s with a negative experience.
I can't recall any

Dream in your professional career - with who or where would you like to work?
My dream is to open my Make-up and Photo studio. There are as well further and bigger dreams and they as well are associated with make-up,but i will keep them in secret for now. 

As  well i am thinking to get international experience in beauty world.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?
Challenge is integral part of this profession. And this is one of the reasons why i like to be a make-up Artist.

Anything fun to tell from your work?
Once when i went to my client with my silver make-up case, little boys next to me quietly were discussing , that there could be hidden pile of money.  

What is the most common thing clients ask you?
The most popular question from my clients is which colors will emphasize their eye color . 

What is your professional advice you would like to share?
When you want to feel specifically feminine, when you finish applying make-up on top of your lipstick apply little bit of a light color sparkling shadow- this will make your lips look more alluring .

Do you have any other hobbies? 
My second heart work is Photography and it goes hand in hand with make-up. My field is woman portraits and couples photo sessions.

mob. +371 26880000

Here Are some photos with her works ;) 

All photos are from Aritas Cimermanes personal accounts and can't be used without her permission.

Big Thanks to Arita for her answers :) 
And maybe you my lovely followers has any Make-up Artist in your mind you would like to read about?
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