Thursday's Dinner :)

Hello again, one more post today. :)
I have so many things to show & to write about so i am doing second but very short post.

Thursday, after my best friends wedding. Me and my Boyfriend together with two other friends had a nice dinner. At restaurant Burkāns ( Carrot)
Adress: 11. novembra krastmala 9
The dinner was a bit different from usual ones at the restaurants. It was gourmet evening. 
The chef of this restaurant recently was on holidays in Islandē 
So he brought back some interesting recipes and he wanted to share them with us by serving 6 dishes. 
Menu: ( In Latvian) Sorry too hard to translate it in english ...

All the dinner was already paid before so we just had to enjoy the evening. Each meal was served with drink that suited certain dish the most. 
I just took pictures from First dish... cause it looked amazing and tasted even better. And i took a Picture how chef is preparing crayfish tails and picture of desert. The rest was so amazing that when i realized that i had to take a photo my plate was almost empty.

I was wearing: 

Shoes and Clutch - JDC Milan
Jeans - Pepe jeans London
Knitted top & jacket - Zara
Earrings from Milan
Jewelry - Ebay, orange, H&M

I totally loved this event and next time i will definitely go again.
You can fallow their news on FaceBook 

Hugs and till tomorrow :)

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