Monday special - interview with Make up Artist

Today is the day when you can read again about Artists we have.
 I would like to introduce you with 
Marta Traščenko

Name, Surname    Marta Traščenko

Profession  Makeup Artist, Stylist

Working place  Freelance

How did you choose your profession? 
My friends told me that it would be worth tying it out

IS there any other profession you would like to learn if you wouldn't be a Makeup Artist? 
Definitely not! I am in love with my profession and i am married to it :)

What do you like in your work? 
To make people more beautiful and more confident.

Who or what inspires you in your life?  
My friends and as well this sentence That Vivien Leight in movie "Gone with the wind" told: - About my problems i will think tomorrow. 

What make up brands you use in your work?
 I try to choose and use more or less all companies that are worth it but my top favorites are  Mica Bella, MAKE UP FOR EVER and Bourjois. 

What is in your make up bag?  
My work case is as well my make up bag, because i try out all the make up i use before i suggest it to my clients.

Product/s you can't live without.. 
Lumene eyebrow pencil, Bourjois blush and Art deco mascara.

Product/s with a negative experience..  
There has been some bad situations with make up but usually it was because the person has an allergy to cosmetic and he doesn't mention it before.

Dream in your professional career ( with who or where ) would you like to work? 
At this time  definitely my dream is to become one of Bourjois official representative in Latvija and in the World. 

What has been the biggest challenge in your career? 
  My cousins wedding for sure, cause this big responsibility i haven't felt in my whole life. 

Fun things you remember from your work. 
 Once i had to do make up for artists and there was as well men. Usually men don't want to use make up at all but there was one guy and he asked me for more makeup and even for eyeshadows. I really got confused at that moment, cause his performance was really short. As well every saturdays morning when i had to do make up for my (ex) boyfriend when he left for a work. :D 

What is the most popular question that clients ask you? 
Most popular questions are how to apply make up, what shadows they should use, what creams are for they skin and many questions how to choose right foundation. 

Do you have any professional advice you would like to share?   
For all New Makeup Artist i advice to practice as much as possible and don't miss any chance to do that cause you never know who you will meet and how helpful they could be in your future. 

Do you have any other hobbies? 
 I enjoy Glass Art and cycling. At this time i am studying as a Hair stylist and it is definitely my new passion at the moment. 

Thank you for your answers! 
And here are some photos of her works.

All photos are from Martas Traščenko privat accounts and can't be used without her permission. 

Hope you liked this interview and i was thinking that maybe there could be once interview with me as well. It would be very nice if you listed in comment section questions for me.

Wish you amazing Monday 

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