Yellow Bridesmaids

Hey Girlies :)
Today i can show you what i was doing last week- i was preparing last things for my Best friends Wedding.

  She lives in Guernsey  island. But She and her already Husband decided to get married in Her Hometown Latvia. And as you already read in my previous post we went to relax in Milan for her stag do :)  

But now i can show you what i prepared for the Couple. 
I made some few things that they can remember this day very well :) 
And the guests as well has something to do apart from having nice cocktails and canapes. 

On this board everyone had to leave their names :) 

Inside are the Fortune cookies :)

 These boxes- in this picture is missing signs - Husband , Wife
In these boxes everyone could put in suggestions for a happy life :)

Evening program Not to miss the most important things :)

Cards where everyone wrote greetings. And the new couple read them before attached to balloons. 

Box with helium and balloons & loads of magical lanterns 

Friend Kristīne helped with cutting out more than Hundred read harts for suggestion box :)

Here you can see Husband and wife that was glued to the suggestion boxes and positions that the certain person needs to supervise.

They had to plant for their Love to Grow :)

And we had a yellow theme. So we had to make our dresses :)
 For a long time i couldn't decide what kind of a dress i want. But in the end surfing trough web i found few pictures with dresses i liked and in the end i tried to put two dresses together to get what i want :)

 I loved the yellow skirt and i loved the top of this dress below. 

So  this is what came out :)

The most hardest part was to decide what i want on my head :D  I mean a hairstyle. 
I wanted all my hair up. That i don't have to worry about them. And second was that i wanted to have them somehow braided. well You can see whats on my head- maybe i would like to have it with more volume but as time was ticking and i had many things  to do before the ceremony :) 

With Host of the Evening Kristena

Getting ready balloons

This was in my fortune cookie / I came here cause i was too lazy to make a dinner.

Second days outfit :) 

Was a really nice & beautiful wedding! 

There will be one more post - with nice photos that  took a professional photographer. : )
Hope you liked this post :)
Hugs and wish you amazing Saturday 

5 komentāri:

  1. Kāzas izskatās bija fantastiskas! Tu labi pastrādāji!
    Un tā kleita vispār superīga!! Žēl, ka tādu nekur nav iespējams iegādāties.:) Tev ir zelta rokas!

    1. Paldies, Zelta rokas gan ir Šuvējai. Man tik nācās atrast ko es vēlos mugurā un viņai sanāca arī to radīt :)

    2. Zelta rokas tev par to, ka spēji sarīkot tādas kāzas! Ne visi, ko tādu spēj panākt.:)

  2. Pasakaini! Par visu padomāts, noskaņa, ziedi, baloni viss, viss... Super! Arī es sev labprāt šādas kāzas gribētu, cik nopratu, ar nelielu draugu/radu sastāvu. Mīļi un ļoti sirsnīgi. :)
    Tu tiešām esi labi pastrādājusi.:)

    1. Kāzas bija 57 cilvēki :) Jo liela daļa nevarēja ierasties Latvijā. Jaunajam pārim atgriežoties mājās būs ballīte uz apmēram 150 cilvēkiem. Un paldies par jaukajiem vārdiem. Šīs ir otrās kāzas, kurās esmu vedējmāte un ar katru reizi ar vien vairāk iemīlos šajā gatavošanas procesā. Kas zin, varbūt kādreiz būšu kāzu rīkotāja :))