[MAKE-UP] post

As i didn't got any comments on what make-up look should i do.  I just did my classical make-up routine. 
It took me about 15 minutes to do the whole make-up look.  I was in the rush so there was no time fro experiments. 

Garnier BB cream
MUFE HD powder
MUFE sculpting Kit No3
Front cover - eyeshadow base
MUFE eyeshadows -125 ( light pink under brow) , 138 (brown blended outer corner) 76 (light brown) blended crease, 35 lightest on the whole lid) 
Sleek Ultra mattes V2- palette - Dark brown outer corner and in the crease.
Mica Bella- loose shadows- ( white gold) Thaiti on the lid 
MUFE eye pencil - No3 brown
MUFE waterproof eye pencil - 12L
Maybelline - gel eyeliner black
Illamasqua - Brown mascara
MUFE - eyebrow pencil -No4

Hope you liked this post and I wish you a nice Saturday! Enjoy weekend as much as you can!
Hugs & kisses 

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