[Monday Special] Interview with A Make-up Artist

Hi, Lovelies!
Today begins a new week and it is time to introduce you with a talented Latvian Make-up Artist and Stylist!
Dita Grauda

Name, Surname : Dita Grauda           

Profession: Stylist, Make-up Artist

Working place: freelancers

How did you chose your profession?
During middle school i met a girl who started to attend International Make-up school . I found it very interesting so i decided to try it as well. It turned out that i liked it all so much that i was the first one who came to make-up school and the last one who was leaving . As well as my mother is Hairdresser . I think passion for beauty is in my blood.  

IS there any other profession you would like to do if you wouldn't be a make-up artist?
While laughing i say, when i will grow up i will be like Tatjana Vlasova. She is my idol. I adore her works, her self, her style and everything else. That's why the profession i have to learn is photography. 

What do you like in your job?
Easier would be to answer what i don't like , cause i really like everything. You have to love people to do what i am doing. Sometimes it is harder if you have to work with angry and arrogant women, who doesn't love themselves, but at these times i can learn much as well - not to be like them.
Who or what inspires you most?
I like to watch for hours fashion pictures in magazines or in internet. I get my inspiration from people, nature, sounds. All together forms a one whole from what follows all that i am thinking and feeling. 

What make-up brands do you use in your job?
I am about diversity. At the beginning i mostly used Make Up Forever, but now i am in search of something new. My everyday job is related as well with Maybelline, thats why i can assure that make-up doesn't have to be expensive to achieve good results . Important to find right shades and make-up techniques .Not everyone suits classical banana technique or 3 tone shading. 

What is in your make-up bag?
My must haves are Bronzer and mascara. I am delighted with healthy brown skin. I adore sun, warmth thats why during the summers i am especially happy, cause you need just a little bit of make-up to look stunning but during the winter time i am fan of light, airy foundations. I think the most inportant part of make-up is good face tone. I don't have to do eye makeup , but if I do it then smokey eye is first on my list. Nothing more sexier that smokey make-up for a woman i can't suggest.  

Product/s you can't live without.
Face cleansing products . Can't imagine if i put make-up, all day live with it and in the evening i can't take it off. Face care is very very important process to achieve beautiful make-up. In Latvia women are so busy with working, children and other things, so they forget about them selves. The most important in my life to me is myself, then my man, environment around me, children, relatives, and then work.  

Product/s with a negative experience.
 Once i've tried ecological foundation on a girl who went to a hen party. Next day she called me indignant and told me that after few hours foundation was gone and in all pictures she looks that she has no make-up. That made me disappointed in ecological products.

Dream in your professional career ( With who or where would you like to work)?
I want that my name shows in Vogue magazine that i took a part in creating the cover  

What was the biggest challenge in your career?
Every day is like a challange. Every day i have to try to  Katra diena ir kā izaicinājums. Katru dienu jācenšas pārspēt pašai sevi.

Fun things to tell about your work!
Once i had an idea that i could make stencil of famous women eyebrows. I really like Megan Fox eyebrow shape so i decided to draw her eyebrow shape on stencil then cut them out and after this form do my eyebrows. So i did that. Attached this stencil form to my eyebrows, started to pull out hairs one after another and when i took off  i understood that there wasn't my eyebrows under . In the end I was left with really small Megan Fox half eyebrows . So thats why i suggest pluck eyebrows according to your actual eyebrow shape. 

What is the most common question clients ask you?
Clients are alway interested in what suits them best . 

Do you have a professional advice you can give to the readers?
 I like different type of women. I have often identified myself as Brigitte Bardot
or Angelina Jolie thats why i suggest to experiment. Let to beauty. Love yourself, life, cause as we all know beauty comes from the inside and it is almost impossible to hide all imperfections like tiredness or to make sad eyes look happy. Thats a secret of each of you how to achieve that people sees your personality not what you are wearing or how expensive or cheap foundation you are using.  

Do you have any other hobbies? 
I have hundred and one thing i would like to do. Artists are universal soldiers. in one moment doing make-up for celebrities but after a moment in the wood we are cutting trees. But if serious i really want to take photographs.  

Here are some Pictures where you can see her amazing work!

All photos are from Dita Grauda personal accounts and cant be used with her permission.

Thank you Dita for your answers! For me this interview was very interesting and i Hope, that for all readers will be the same. 

To know more about Dita Check  out her site HERE

Huge Hugs and wish a  happy day!

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  1. Great interview and gorgeous pictures.

    I especially love the last one.

  2. Oh wow, great pictures thank you for posting them!


  3. What a wonderful interview! Her work is great. This was a fun read :)

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