Today's [OUTFIT] Post

Hi my dear readers!
I’m having major "life changing " issues , and it is not very fun when you’re a blogger.
So I am really sorry that this blog is lacking posts and I am sad cause I am lacking inspiration for anything and everything.
And thats why today I went  back in time with my outfit look!

I was wearing: 
Zara - jacket
Killah - jeans
Hub - boots
Silvian Heach - belt 
Michael Kors - watch
Jewelery - Ebay, Orange
Rings - H&M, Bik Bok
Seppälä- earrings 

This is my West side look. Very comfy as well ;)
Hope you like this look.
And I hope that I will be back on track really soon!
Tons of Hugs and wish you a wonderful day!

2 komentāri:

  1. Sajūsmā par apaviem! Tādi ērti izskatās. :)

    1. Un viss caur ar vilniņu- nereāli silti! Trendexpress bodīte ;)