monday special - interview with A Make up Artist

Hey my lovely readers!
Today begins new week And today is the first day of school for all who is attending one ;)
So as well today starts my second year in school and i am one step closer to become a professional stylist 

But today i will introduce you again with another lovely person
Make-up Artist
Salvija Kakse

Name, surname - Salvija Kakse

Profession  -Make-up Artist

Working Place -Salvijas Beauty Studio

How did you chose your profession? 
I was interested in it since my child hood i've been always so in to beauty products and everything that is related to it . All my dolls when i was a kid was with make up and painted nails and i designed clothes as well for them.

Is there any other profession you would like to work in if you wouldn't be a Make-up Artsist?
No, now i found and i am working at my dream job. This is mine! 

What do you like in your work?
Communication with people, creative process and the result . My biggest salary is to see happiness in my clients eyes when they see the result .

What or who inspires you the most?
Talented and smart people . Beautiful things . 

What make-up brands do you use in your work? 
Different -NYX,Elf,Make up for ever, kryolan, oriflame

What is in your make-up bag?
Foundation, mineral powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush, Lip gloss, concealer and bronzer.

Product/s you can't live without.
Without Mascara and foundation

Product/s you are not satisfied with?
Big 88 shadow palette, Bought bad quality product.

Dream in your professional career (where or with who you would like to work with)
I want to expand my studio, i want that there as well works hairdresser, photographer with studio and manicure specialist and other .

What was your biggest challenge in your career? 
I think it is still in front. 

Fun things to tell about your work.
Once i've forgot my brushes, i had to apply make-up with my fingers. Everything went great and client even didn't noticed that something was wrong.

What is the most common question clients ask you?
What eyeshadows suits me?

Do you have any professional advice you would like to share with your readers?
Nothing special, that others already wouldn't know- i don't have my special trick.

Do you have other hobbies?
I love to travel. Music. But mostly everything related with art, fashion and beauty.

Salvijas page on draugiem.lv
And you can find her Salon
Lielā iela 2,Saldus.

And here are some pictures with her works.

All photos are  from Salvijas Kakses private accounts and can't be used without her permission.

Big thanks to Salvija for her answers and i wish her all the best fulfilling her dreams!

Hope you liked this interview as much as i did and i am still asking you- my dear readers is there any Make-up artist or stylist you would like to read about- just Post name in the comment section!

Wish you perfect day and see you soon!

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  1. love the make-up! very natural!


  2. It was probably a great opportunity to have an interview with a pro! You'll surely get more inspirations from them... Good luck with your career, Laura! ;)