Saturday [work]

Hi cutiepies!

How are you doing? Hope that well :) oh, last Saturday was magical :) First in the morning i went to Jelgava.. city not far from Riga. I did hair & make up for a fantastic Bride and make up for her Mom..  First when i saw her i thought that se is a friend - absolutely gorgeous woman.
Here one Iphone picture :)

After This i went quickly back home dropped my Hairdressers bag and went to do make up's for a nice concert  in Dzintari with a lovely company. And we were 6 girls and we had to do make up's for 60 people! ( whole orchestra) in one hour :) 
Here are again some iphone :D and normal pictures.

After working here i went home to get ready for a night in the city with my friend :)
 And we visited bar where we worked together and My ex Boss was So nice to put this Amazing picture in their website ... Thank you JNZ very much! 
Now you can see how i am behaving myself when i don't want to pose :D

Hope you had a good laugh!! And i hope you will have a nice day today! 
Laugh much, say compliments and be positive! 

3 komentāri:

  1. Complimenti...Labs darbins kas padarits :) Velu tev jauku nedelu !!!

    1. Paldies ;) Ceru, ka nedēļa būs jauka neskatoties uz daudzajiem darbiņiem :)

  2. The bride and her mom look so beautiful. This post was really great to read. I can't believe you had to do makeup for that many people so quickly! That's impressive.

    I haven't followed a beauty blog yet, so you're my first. Looking forward to more. :)