Working [ Make-up]

Hey you all ;) 
Two days ago was a nice day when the second part of it i spent in LNT Tv studio where i was doing make ups for A show.  Latvijas Izcilnieki 2012  Can't even translate it precise ( Sorry for that) but it would mean Latvian Greatest 2012 - this show was for students from 4- 11 class to earn scholarship and special jury assess individual achievements.  Ok ,thats all about it. 
And i captured some few photos of the make-up i did when i wasn't working without a stop.

Here goes again some iphone pictures. I have to say sorry for this kind of photo quality but 
to take my big camera with me when i have many make up bags is too hard for me.

Working with Ieva - she did hair and i did Make-up

We all wanted to steal this cake and run away :)

 When we finished working everyone was already able to watch live translation on TV.

I did make up's for 5 girls and two boys. So it was a nice evening... 
Yesterday i had a day off and i had a lovely shopping - and i wasn't planning it at all. I have heard that unexpected purchases are the best :) 

Have a wonderful day sweet readers♥♥

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  1. neko pielikt ne atņemt! lielisks make up. :)

    1. tādā ātrumā un tumsā strādājot prieks, ka patīk :)

  2. I follow You on chicisimo, and now I follow Your blog ! It's great ! :)
    If You like also my blo, pls follow me back;)



  3. The makeup you did is gorgeous.
    Now I know who to contact when I need professional makeup done ;)