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Good Morning beautiful people!

How are your days? Cause mine lately are crazy! No free time at all. Working, studying and that's pretty all i've been doing. Can't wait for the middle of november! I will plan a trip to somewhere warm! I have a need to leave this country at least 2 times a year but i could do it each month or even more often.. Should I work on air plains? Every single day leaving and returning :D ha that sounds way too much for me! 

And as it is quite wet and cold outside it is getting harder to wear something nice instead of something warm.  So I hope that this is not my last colourful outfit this year! 

Zara- Top, Jacket, Boots
Guess- Jeans
Charles & Kate - Bag
Urban outfitters - Belt
Michael Kors - watch
Cubus- necklace
Seppala - Earrings
Can't remember where I bought ring :( 

Sending you tons of Hugs! 
And Will try my best to keep you updated more often..  I am now checking 3 days old blogposts ... this is how long time I haven't got time to just read your blogs guys :( 

3 komentāri:

  1. Sveika! Man patīk tavs blogs, tāpēc nominēju tevi Liebster Blog awards, vairāk informācijas: http://il-beauty.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-liebster-blog-award.html

  2. man šķiet, kad bildē tērpus, vajag paņemt vairāk detaļas, pievilkt tā teikt, piemeŗam kāda rokasprādze, kāda jostina, un koptēls no priekšpuses un mugurpuses:)
    Tu esi vienmēr skaista;)

    1. Paldies par ietekumu :) Ņemšu vērā un centīšos šādas bildes arī izveidot