[ Make-up] Podium- exam

Hey, Hey Gorgeous! 

As few posts ago I told you [outfit post]  that that day I had a Podium make-up exam at school + I had to do hairstyle as well.
Today I can show you pictures with what I came up one day before exam and how it turned out the next day at school. Unfortunately I don't have enough time during one day, I think that would be nice to have extra 6h :) then I would be really happy. Cause I can't find time to go to Yoga, to swim and to read a book. These are just few things that I can't do cause I don't have enough time.
Oh, well so thats why just one day before my exam I met my model and tried out what I wanted to do on my exam. I'm not So good to go to exam without trying make-up before but if I would have to - I probably would still be fine. 

Here are pictures from the day before at home while thinking what make-up to do :)
This was Hair idea

&  Make up - idea

Here are some photos of my Class- my classmates & my teacher in front of everyone ;)

 Oh and here comes the real one :) My exam work! not the best I've done but I still like it.  I don't do make-up's that I don't like!

On the exam day - I figured out that I don't want to do braids on the lower part of hair. So I just aded a bit of texture to them and left them as they were . I am really happy with the outcome. Baiba Grīna (Latvian veteran make-up artist & Stylist ) told me all my faults i've could or could't done- so I hope that all these tips will make this make-up more gorgeous And I will win the first place at the upcoming contest :)

Wish you a splendid weekend! I hope that besides al my works I will have one as well!
Kisses xoxoxox

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  1. Modelei ļoti skaists lūpu spīdums! Kādas firmas tas ir? ;)

    1. uz lupām Make-up for ever zīmulis nr 40 , tad Art decko magic lip color zīmulis nr 71 un Make up For ever lūpu spīdum kura kodiņš ir 69072 B.. lūpu vidū vēl nedaudz ir uzlikts ar pirkstu MUFE star pūderis laškrāsa tonītī :)

  2. Oh I hope that you did really well! I so love the makeup...sometimes I wish we could all walk around with all that sparkle on our faces.


  3. thanks for sharing.