Hi, Lovelies! 
Just a quick update before I’m heading out.
Last few days I spent with friends and family and I had an amazing time.
 On Friday I went to see old friends and we cooked together Chocolate Banana Muffins ( soon I will do a post how to make these muffins- cause everyone is loving them so much).
Sorry, no photos of muffins cause they were gone before I noticed.

Saturday We went to see Horses - Oh I am obsessed with horses, unfortunately last 3 years I was just speaking about my wishes to go on a ride but I guess no one heard it. This time was my first time after such a long time so this time I just fed her with apples. I hope that this was a beginning for a nice journey.

 I guess I love this Horse even more cause her name is PRADA :) 

After that we went to see KBH Starptautiskā Līga RĪGA - Rīgas mēra Balva 2012 
This was a Russian comedy games where teams were competing for Riga Mayor Cup. 
I Hadn't have such a good laugh for a long long time. 

Sunday was really lazy and i went to the see. I think this was last time this season  cause the weather is getting too cold.  And just when I stepped in the white sand it started to rain.. Oh, lately I am getting rain everywhere :D 

And the last thing I Did on Sunday I went to see my Godson At my sisters place. 
I finally took with me present that I bought for him In Milan's Disney store.

 And I had a chance to help my sister and her Husband on my  Godsons first kindergartens project. 
We had to make some interesting scene using vegetables and fruits and other  things from nature that can be found during autumn. 

& this here are some pictures that my Godson took.
Only one of 3 is in focus :) But I think He is improving :) 

Have a wonderful Monday you guys ♥

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  1. cute pics,

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