New [HAIR & MAKE-UP] Products

Hello, sweetiepies!

Today I will show you what's new in My Hair & Make-up bag ;) 
Make-up products I already have for a while  Haha. Anywho I thought that there is no point to do a post about two eye pencils.  So I added them to my new Hair products.
This is what I bought for my hair and these products I will be using for the first time except bobby pins!
 New in Hair:
Schwarzkopf Got2b Straighton4days (3,29)
Dzintars (Latvian brand)  KREDO - Balsam and Oil for hair (2,65 ls each)
Hair essentials - Bobby pins size 18, 30 ( 0,39 ls)
New in Make-up:
NYX - eye/eyebrow pencils in Teal and Copper  (bought in E-bay)
 Dzintars Kredo products I bought cause I heard that they are really good!
What do they do? - They makes your hair thicker, stronger,  and helps to grow faster.
Both products has to be used before washing hair - 
Balsam - applied in hair till they are wet, lightly rubbing it in,put around your head warm towel and wait for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash hair like you usually do that
Oil - apply oil to the roots of hair and skin  wait for 15-20 minutes, after wash like usually. 
I already tried Oil - the smell is specific but not unpleasant cause 75% contains alcohol. As I used it only once I can't say how helpful it is, but I definitely can say that my hair  didn't got worse. 
 I couldn't decide between this Got2b product StraightOn4Days and  Guardian Angel from Got2b 
This one has protection only till 200 degrees but Guardian Angel till 220 degrees. But still I took this one cause straight on 4 days sounds impossible to me. Smell is nice, texture good, love packaging and will see if it keeps my hair straight 4 days. 
 These Bobby pins are quite cheep but the quality is good.  As i have to do often hairstyles and I never see the bobby pins I use again- there is no point for me to buy expensive ones.
My  newest make-up products are: Two Eye/eyebrow pencils from NYX - Ibought them on E-bay.
 Colours- Cooper And Teal. 
(Artificial light)
I will use these pencils as base under the same tone eyeshadows. 
But there is a shop in Riga (Nometņu iela 6) where you can buy NYX and E.l.f. cosmetic. You can check more about products HERE  I hope that soon I will have a chance to do a big post about this shop and these make-up brands. 

Now I am really excited to see how quick I will get my long hair back ha ha :) So I will use Balsam and Oil From Dzintars as often as I can.  Have you used any of these products I am writing about and what do you think of them? 

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the day ♥

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  1. Skaisti toņi zīmulīšiem. :)

    1. piekrītu, man arī zīmulīšu krāsas ļoti patīk. :)

    2. Man toņi ar ļoti patīk. Cooper vēl ir diezgan paigmentēts, bet Teal diemžēl ir ļoti maigs tonis un noturība produktam vienam pašam ir diezgan niecīga.

  2. Kā sanāk izmēģināt Kredo Balzamu matiem, uzraksti, kā patika! Varbūt tiešām efektīvs! :)

    1. Balzāmu izmēģināju vakar- Tāda smirdoņa- likās ka galvā iegāžu naftas un benzīna atkritumus. Izmazgājot mati ļoti spīdīgi un skaisti. Izlietošu jau to pudeli, lai saprastu vai tā smaka ir to mocību vērta :D

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