Good morning sunshines! 
Two days ago I attended Poetica's (Makeup For ever)  class where girls from this salon was showing newest Makeup For ever Collection where the inspiration was - Tango and they were telling about all the new products from this collection. How to use, where to use these products and as well we had a chance to try & touch everything. I love this kind of events. 
I like to try products before buying. Cause I already have a shelf at home where are quite a few products that unfortunately I don't like. 

Here is Makeup For Ever France step by Step tutorial: Black Tango 

And here are pictures from event that i attended :)

I love this palette. Costs about 30,- lats they are creamy products and blends really well. 
Love the colors - perfect for autumn and winter time. I really want this palette. And i hope i will get it. 

 Make-up artist just used Black Tango cream color palette, Black aqua cream color as liner, Waterproof eyebrow paste, artificial lashes, Pencil and lipstick from Black tango collection. 
Hd foundation, hd powder, sculpting kit. 

What do you think of this look? I like it a lot. It is simple yet dramatic. Eyes pop but doesn't look heavy. 
I have used to do 2 or 3 tone make-up and here you use just one color to create the look. I guess it is hard for me to do simple make-ups :D

And this is my make-up look for this event ;)
Not the best picture i have to say but still it's me !

Wish you all loads of smiles & positive emotions today! 

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  1. Lovely makeup. The red lips really make the eyes look more pretty