New in [Beauty] COLORAMA

Hey Sweets! 

Finally I can share with you my thoughts about COLORAMA "The Denim Line" new nail polishes.
4 very lovely shades Inspired from Denim Jeans.

I have to say that consistence is thicker than previous nail polishes had. And as I never do my nails on my own it was quite hard to apply it on my own. You will see how ugly manicure I can do if I have to do it on my own :D But still dries very quickly. And the finnish is more matt than glossy.

I 've got Two Shades :) 
Worn In and Raw Denim Blue!
Raw denim blue is my absolute favourite! It is so cool! 
I did try out on my nails Raw Denim Blue - And i wanted to show you how it looks on nails but omg that turned out awful! So I will leave my nails for my manicure specialist. :)

Here are some pictures with my lovely nail polishes 
And my horrifying finger :D 

Do you have nail polish from Denim collection? :) 
By the way - price for these nail polishes is more than amazing! there for I suggest you to go and get your favourite shade from this collection! Denim is this seasons MUST have!

Love you guys!

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  2. Man iepatikas Worn In- shodien tieshi nolakoju :)

    1. man patīk abi toņi, tik worn in tādai neprašai kā man ir daudz veiksmīgks tonis- kļūdas tik ļoti acīs nelec :D

  3. Sveika! Es Tevi nominēju Liebster Blog award http://infinitelifex.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-liebster-blog-award.html

  4. I love these nail polishes, the colours are lovely!

    Follow back? http://prideandpedicure.blogspot.co.uk/

    Abbie xoxo