Liebster Award

Hey My superstars! 

I ve been nominated to The Liebster Blog Award  by several bloggers so I will do one big post on this award :)

Description of the award:

The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is a way to recognize each other and say "Hey, you're doing a great job so keep it up!". 
Further, it is for blogs with 200 or less followers. So it's also a great way to spread the word about smaller blog and get them more readers and followers.

Once you receive the award, you will post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. Afterwards, you pass the award to 11 other bloggers. You should inform them that you nominated them. Don't forget also to ask them 11 questions. Take note! You are not allowed to nominate the blog (s) who nominated you! Finally, include the picture in your post.

11 random facts:

1 I am a vegetarian
2 I Have a Russian Toi dog named Dolce 
3 I study Italian
4 I am as well Environmental Designer
5 My favourite colour is White
6 I am obsessed with High heels and bags
7 I have 3 tattoos 
8 I have two sisters
9 I love snowboarding 
10 I am afraid of spiders
11 I want to learn sailing 

Answers to Pončiks questions.

What is the first item on your wishlist? 
First item is new & good camera - to take lovely pictures for blog 

Tea or coffee?
What is your favorite animal? 
What do you do for a living? 
I am a Make-up artist, Stylist & Hairdresser 
What is your favorite blog post to read?
- Make- up looks
What is the last song you listened to? 
De-Phazz The Mambo Craze (Ur Craze remix)
What is your favorite season? 
What is your favourite place to shop?
Do you remember your dreams? 
Yes, but not all cause I dream a lot
Would you consider living abroad? Or do you already do? 
I was living for half a year in England then one person drag me here so thats the only reason why I returned. If I  would leave Latvija again then only for two places Italy or America
What is your favorite make-up item?

:D It is really Hard to Name one :( ok, I will say - lipgloss 

I was nominated as well by MakeupNoDrogasLv

 Here are her Questions:

Lip balm or Lip gloss?-  Lip gloss
Favourite hand cream for winter or autumn? -  Hand cream - Bubchen Wind & Wetter creme for babys ;) 
Favourite food? - Sushi 
Make-up product you can't live without? Mascara
Favourite candle or scent? Candle - I like all the ones that smells like christmas
Favourite blog? - My favourite blog would be 
Why do you chose to create a blog? This is like my open diary - I can save memories or good ideas here in one place where I can't loose them and I can share them with others. 
Favourite season and month ? Summer - but month, hmmm  I have to Say April - Cause in this month usually begins my spring.
Risk, that i couldn't do? - swim with sharks
Obsession, not including make-up? - Shoes, bags &  jewellery  ( Never will be too much)

Favourite tv series and a book? Gossip Girl  & The secret

And the last person who  nominated me was  Doloresa Onzule 

Answers to her questions!

  1. At what you can look without stopping?
  2. Fashion & peoples behaviour 
  3. Movie you can watch over and over again - Hors de Prix 2006 ( french movie) Love it!!!  watched Many Many many times
  4. 3 favourite songs: Oh, this is hard! Naomi - Dragon tree, Parov Stelar - Libella swing, B-complex - beautiful lies
  5. Favourite blog? As I Said http://www.theblondesalad.com
  6. Do you have something you don't like in other blogs? Text without pictures ( Not interesting) 
  7. Do you think your blog is perfect? Is it exactly like you want? No, I want to own better camera and to have some one who can take pictures of me ( some one permanent ) that my blog has a constant quality. 
  8. How much time takes blogging/ how often do you blog ? I create my posts one day before in the evening. I try to do at least one post a day- if there is something happening- At the moment There is a long long cue of blogposts I have to share with my readers.
  9. What do you think of my blog? It is nice , just keep growing :) 
  10. Your favourite cocktail? Cosmopolitan 
  11. How often do you cook? I cook as often as I am eating at home :) 
  12. What is your goal at the moment? - As soon as possible I want to start to teach how to do Make-up's . ( I will have my studio ;) )
Thank you Girls! 
Maybe this kind of posts are already so 2010 but if you want i will nominate other blogs and I will put my questions down. Just let me know in the comment area - do or Don't nominate blogs for this award! :)

Here are One picture from Last Saturday @ Radio Bar where was De Phazz after party! Thats me with my Friend Elīna :) 

More pictures HERE

Hugs and Kisses to you all! 

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  1. bija interesanti lasīt! Nemaz nezināju, ka Tev ir kādi tetovējumi. :) Un kompliments par skaisto h&m kaklarotu, ļoti oriģināla un Tev tiešām piestāv!

  2. Great to know so much about you. It's funny I just gave you this award also - Hi hunni, I gave you the Liebster Blog award. Details here - http://www.cherryfashionblog.com/2012/11/the-liebster-blog-award.html x