Halloween [Make-up] post

Hello my superstars!
I'm just poppi'n by to say that my crazy week is finally over.. but I guess some few more days I will need to get back in to normal routine and write down all events and products and other things I have to blog about! So there will be many many different posts coming up!

Today I would like to share with you Make-up looks I did for Halloween party at RADIO BAR.
5 beautiful girls became a bit more looking like dolls! :) 
I loved to do this make-up and I guess/ hope that girls liked it as well.

Here are some photos with the make-up that I did.

These were not the ugly make-up's that everyone wants to do on Halloween :) 
But still they were quite interesting and unusual.
I Hope you like these looks
More photos from Halloween party at RADIO BAR you can see HERE
and as well HERE

Wish you amazing Monday and super exciting week! See ya soon ;) 

2 komentāri:

  1. great makeup ideas :) I agree that Halloween makeup shouldn't be "ugly" as you mentioned :)