David's Fashion Show

Hey, hey my sweet ones!

Oh, Yesterday was such a horrible day for me, but I am like a phoenix after burning I rise. 
Today I would love to show you one of Rigas fashion week shows I was working for!
David's Show
This was my favourite fashion show from all the fashion week and not just cause I worked there but cause designer thinks "out of the box" I loved collection- colours, materials, prints. 
There was quite a few clothes that I would love to wear. But today maybe more about Make-up!
This was super crazy  make-up! Colourful with BIG red lips.  I loved it and I loved to do it!

 Make up products from MICABELLA Cosmetics.

Model  Rehearsal before the show- few models without make-up

 Me posing :D 

 Designer Davids talking with Famous latvian stylist and make-up artist Una Bernatoviča

Hard working :)

 At the show!

 Our lovely team with models :)

Do you like this make-up? 
Wish you amazing Day!

7 komentāri:

  1. redzu bodyshop pūdera otu :) Tev viņa patīk? man kaut kā šķiet pa lielu un stāv nelietota :) tas make up "paraugs" ir graujošs :)

    1. jā, man tā body shop ota ļooti patīk. Visu laiku ar viņu darbojos :) ahh un make-up- kaut kas ekskluzīvs latvijai :)

  2. Atkal ieraugu pazīstamas sejas-Manu Vizbulīti. <3 Lepojos ar viņu.
    Dāvida skate bija graugoša laba skatoties bildes un video. :)))))

    1. Man prieks, ka patika ;) & Vizbulīte/ is ir kas ? :))

    2. Vizbulīte- Laura, meitene, kura ir redzama trešajā bildē un vēl pāris tavās bildēs. :))
      Viņa šodien tevi atminējās, kad pastāstīju. :)

  3. Hi dear! your blog is beautiful and very interesting! we are a brand of shoes and we have recently opened our store in Riga, you know?
    we will be very happy if you came to visit us!


    1. Let me know more about visiting you to laura@lauravaluta.com