New in [Style] Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Hi, Sweets! :)

This post is about last friday & a bit about last thursday. About thursday I will tell you more when I will have video to show you. I don't know what it will look like cause I was really sick that day- I went to shoot with a 38 degree temperature and a flu ( don't do that- i am just not the person who stays in bed but it is not right and there was no one who could jell at me and say that I have to) . Not good, but that day I had too many things to do...  Ok, its not about my flu but about that before I went to the shoot I walked trough H&M and Oh, my there it was -Anna Dello Russo collection for H&M.  And you know what? I was really, really disappointed. The quality for the most of the products was quite poor. In the pictures all accessories looked more beautiful than they looked in the real life. There were two things I wanted - crocodile necklace & Gold Bracelet with turquoise stone. Unfortunately that bracelet was gone long before I arrived but Crocodile necklace was still there and it look as good as I was expecting.  So now i am owning one!

Oh, if you don't know then I am obsessed with jewellery! I don't have many expensive ones but I think in future I will own more. "Diamonds are a girl's best friends." My favourites are Jewellery, bags & Shoes. These ones I can buy and buy and buy... Ok, again I am off the road with other stuff :D 
Friday I went to buy a gift for a friends birthday party & I walked again trough H&M and ofcourse I couldn't resist and bought a friend to my necklace -  a Crocodile bracelet :)

And friday was the day when I took them both out for their first walk :)
Love these two items. And I can wear them ether with elegant clothes or with more casual ones. These pieces will still look amazing no matter what you are wearing - ok maybe not with sweatpants. :D 

And by the way  I am collecting these kind of shopping bags. I like when a brand thinks about how they present their shop or collections. Cause Bag is what you carry around the street after shopping not the clothes with the labels on the outside. And if the bag catches attention - I think people are more interested to see what certain brand is offering. And again I am off the road. Whats wrong with me ...? 

But Friday was such a cool day! I really loved all day from the beginning till the end.
And this is what I wore to my friends birthdays party.

I was wearing: 
Zara: Boots
Bershka - Top
Versace for H&M - Leggings
Mango - Leather jacket
Anna Del Russo for H&M - Jewellery 
Michael Kors - Watch
And a Black smokey eye make-up

Here is one picture from Dstyle club together with a Birthday Boy ;)
I think that my smile here looks like that Cheshire Cats from Alice's adventures in wonderland .

I hope you had a Brilliant Friday :) Cause i did! Even if I was still sick and not taking the note that it would be better to stay in bed . Now it is Tuesday and I am almost back in Shape! So I wish all of you a very healthy Tuesday! By the way- did anyone of you buy something from AdL for H&M ? :) 

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  1. What a fabulous picture... ;)/G.K/

  2. oh I also bought a couple of things from her collection last weekend!
    Got the green snake bracelet and the golden snake clutch!


  3. superr, superr, superrrr. :) lieliska kaklarota :)

  4. That crocodile necklace is awesome! I agree though, there's been many a time that I've wandered into H&M and found the quality to be poor....I guess that's why the prices are so good.....

  5. Love the necklace!!! you look stunning dear! thanks for your message on ifb ,im following you now =)