[Weekend post]

Good morning sweeties!

Today I wont speak as much as I did last time- I Just wanted to share with you my weekend experience.
Saturday after Fridays party I was sleeping half day and other half I was trying to act like a properly sick person. I got bored so I invited friends to watch some movies together. We ended up finishing watching them at 4:30 in the morning. And Sunday I went with my Sisters family and friends to the Zoo - not to the regular one- but a bit different one! In Cēsis - Rakši - there is a zoo for Camels & Lamas :)

Oh, I enjoyed this adventure so much. The Day was perfect with a sun and a splash of rain but again if you have a good mood then nothing can ruin it.  
This question goes for Latvians ;) - Have anyone been there?

Here comes many animal and few people pictures to show what I saw.

 This one has a style !!! :) 

 Some one is really happy to give some foodie..

 My sister & her husband is looking at something funny I guess.

 While there was a rain for a few minutes we decided to go and try pancakes from Camel milk.

 Looks like regular pancake but as others told tastes much sweeter and not all will like the texture of them. I you eat them with loads of jam you wont feel the difference with the regular ones.

As they were baked with eggs I wasn't eating them but I tried how tastes Camel milks powder. At that time Camel mom was pregnant and they were using milks powder to bake packs. I think the taste  is fine & there is nothing stange about it. 

 Animal food

 Im with the Famous! 

 Offering walk with Lamas but in the picture you can see two camels .. 

This one was my favourite lama and the fattest one after I left..

I was wearing:
Zara - Boots, floral blouse
Miss sixty - jeans
Mango - leather jacket
Galliano - belt
No name - scarf and hat
Bag from Marocco 

 I got a kiss :) Very lovely kiss!

After the Zoo I went with my friends to watch a Hockey game  [ we lost :( ] and after the game we went to play some board games. So for me sunday was full with interesting and memorable events. 
Wish you superb day & Oh, it is already middle of the week :) 
And next post from my side will be a BEAUTY post - finally 
Hugs & Kisses ! 

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  1. Awe I love the animals...they stole the show (you guys all look great too!)


  2. cik superīgi mīļuki! Īpaši tas brūnais izcirptais :) Man gribētos alpaku, ja man būtu mājas laukos!

  3. You blog is amazing love the pictures..
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