Mad House Halloween

Good day loves!
I've been running around like crazy lately! So many things has to be done in a short period of time. Can't wait for that. But for now I would like to share with you quite old ( ups ) pictures from 2nd November when I Did make-ups for MAD HOUSE staff on their Halloween Party!
That was so fun! I love to do these SFX make-up and to use silicone, blood, and other make- up that doesn't goes in my beauty kit :) Ok, I better show you what I did ;)

First One is Nikola :) She had to go to University's Halloween party & she was Red riding Hood 

Then I created very different looks on 6 people. 
SO here are pictures :) 

Hello, hello guess who is smiling like crazy after 7 working hours! It's me ;)

Which one is your favourite make-up look from these?
Hope your week started very very good! Now I'm off to do some more things and today I have my first italian lesson after a long time off &  after that in the evening I will go to the cinema with my friend. 

If you want to know more what I am doing during the day - 
follow me on Instagram ( Lauravaluta)  or look at the pictures Here  

Wish you super fun & nice evening! 

6 komentāri:

  1. Super, man ļoti patīk. Es jau iepriekš jūsmoju par Nikolas bildi twitterī, un tie pārējie arī ļoti efektīgi, man ļoti patīk :) Tu esi my favorite make-up artist :)

    1. ah, paldies :) prieks, ka patīk!

  2. Wow, patiešām izdevies!
    Īpaši tas puisis, kurš pēdējā bildē pa kreisi - nu biedējoši! :D

    1. rāvējslēdzējs varēja sanākt vēl labāks, bet tur nedaudz laiks ierpobežoja! Next year būs more impressive ;)

  3. Labs darbiņš, tā acs džekam vispār laba. :)

    1. Paldies liels, prieks dzirdēt, ka patīk ;)