Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Hey my superheroes! 
Yesterday I went to see a movie " Argo" - amazing movie and I have to say that in school history has to be thought by showing movies. And ofcourse I love all the movies that are based on true stories. 
Today I have a school, work and some few things to do before tomorrow - What's tomorrow? I will tell you as soon as possible- just be patient! :) 

But today I would like to introduce you with a NEW Maybelline New York mascara
The Falsies FEATHER-Look! Volum' express
This is the same mascara that is "Mega Plush" in Usa and Canda
The formula is a new one, gel/mousse based. And it's excellent for contact lens wearers or people with quickly irritated eyes.

No Mascara
 Still no mascara

One eye with mascara on upper and lower lashes on the other eye just lover lashes ( Ups, started to do other eye & remembered that I forgot something - picture) 

I have to say that I don't like the big brush and that there is this bending point cause the wound is not stable (mine is not fixing) and I can't pull the brush till maximum trough my lashes. This is not a bad mascara- quite nice- I am using this one quite often but when I will run out of it I won't buy a New one. I Like when lashes looks natural but this wand is massive and it's very easy to get spider leg look.
What do you think? Have you tried? Is it maybe bad just for my lashes. 
Can't wait for your comments!

Tons of Hugs! And wish that your day is full with happiness :) 

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