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Hi, sweetpies! 
Today I would like to tell you more about products I got as a present when I won 2 place at the Stage Make-up competition.
Dzintars is a Latvian cosmetic brand. And Since 2010 Dzintars manufacture is licensed with international standard Ecocert that allows producing organic cosmetic. Dzintars brand Organic Style is natural and organic cosmetic that is the highest level in organic (according Ecocert). That means that as minimum 95% of all used plant ingredients are issued from organic (ecologically pure) farming.

I got 3 products:
* CLEANSING LOTION for face skin of normal and combination types
* NATURE`S RECIPE Tonic for eye and lip make-up removal
*Actual line red lipstick 

I have been using Milk & Make-up removing tonic since I got these product. They cleans face really well but if I am using waterproof mascara- then it is a nightmare to get it off with these products - feels like a lifetime :(  For mascara removing I still love and will use Loreal's waterproof make-up remover. 
The best make-up remover I know.
And the Red Lipstick- Tone is really lovely but I haven't tested how long lipstick lasts on lips - but I will definitely do that during next week and will let you know my thoughts. Maybe someone has lipsticks from Dzintars collections? Or maybe not- cause before I got this lipstick - this companies lipsticks reminded my childhood and my grandmother. ( This company is really old- since 1849) 
But as they are improving all the time with products and packaging I will give them a chance to prove how good they are :)

Maybe anyone of you uses something from Dzintars? Share with us what do you use/ used and did you like or didn't ? 

I’m off to Italy now ( why? will tell that this is work not vacation) And I hope that my hotel room will have internet access then I will be able to tell you more tomorrow! 

Have a great evening lovelies♥♥

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