Italy- Bergamo day 1

Hi, Sweets! 

Today I will tell you where I went last Wednesday evening and what I was doing!
:) So I Went to my beloved Italy- to Bergamo! To meet all the Nouba team and owners of Nouba professional make-up brand. It was my pleasure! I always say and I mean that I love my Job but each day I love it more, more & more. Why Italy, why Nouba? Cause I will work for this brand in Latvija! 
Oh, I can't even say how happy I am about that! I spent In Bergamo 2 days -  I went there to see the Brand, to learn about the brand to see products, touch products- to try all of them and to know why they are better than other brands. We were there 3 Girls - other 2 was from Holland from Amsterdam. 
I arrived wednesday evening about 10:00 Nouba export manager took me to hotel - first night I was alone and I stayed at Hotel Excelsior San Marco - it was a 4 star hotel, but just cause I stayed next night in other hotel ( about it I will tell you In my next post) Was way much better than this and had just 3 stars. 

Going to have a breakfast :) 

This key chain weight like a kilo! 

Loved the metallic cans for milk & coffee

And here are some pictures from the Office 

Hello Hello & this Is me ;) 

The First Day was brilliant! After work we went to the Dinner - Best seafood place in Bergamo - Da Nerone! This place is very old & still very good. They deliver seafood  to Rome & to Milan as well. So everything is perfectly fresh & the owner is Good friend of Company's owners. 

I am not in to sweets so I didn't have any- but there was like 5 or 6 different fresh home made cakes :) looked perfect! 

Have you been to Bergamo? Do you have your favourite place where to stay and where to eat?
And the most important question!!! Do you know something about NOUBA? If no :( would you like to know more? :)

Lots of virtual love to you guys! Wish you super fun day! And till tomorrow ;)

6 komentāri:

  1. Es šodien apskaužu Tevi :) Itālijas apmeklējums ir nr.1 manā wishlistā :)

  2. That looks like a wonderful trip! Congrats to you. I can't wait to hear all about the products.

  3. Ooo, es nepacietīgi gaidu ziņu par to, kur pie mums varēs iegādāties Nouba un visas pārējās ar to saistītās ziņas! Patīkami-lietderīgie komandējumi ir totāli mana vājība! :)

    1. Iegādaties jau var ALfa - kollona & Riga Plaza - Douglas! Daru visu iespējamo, lai šonedēļ vēlākais rīt arī varētu aptaustīt, patestēt Dominas- Douglas ;)

    2. Paldies, paldies, paldies!!! Es atkal kaut kur biju aizsapņojusies! :)

  4. I went to Bergamo a couple of years ago and fell in love with it :)