Bergamo day 2

Hey Sweets! 
Sorry for my lack of posts but last week was a crazy ride. Too many things had to be done at the same time - so I really didn't had a time to sit by  the computer at all.  I hope my apology has been accepted and I can continue with my Story about my visit to Italy - Bergamo.

This was my second hotel for my Second night in Bergamo :) Very lovely hotel with nice rooms & cool interior. I think that this one was way much better that 4star hotel I stayed for my first night.

My Room 

 I have never seen so many sets in a Hotel room - there were sets for almost everything possible you could need :)

Art Picture before going out!

And this cream saved my life- I have very very dry skin on my lips during cold seasons and Rosie Armanini gave this cream that I can save my lips and this stuff works perfectly ! Can be used as under eye cream as well! 

This was quite a nice mini bar with variety of drinks and snacks. 

My super favorite lipstick!! can't live a day without it now :) Nouba Millebaci

Hello from mirror photo!

So as we checked in Hotel we got a chance to have welcome drinks in Hotel's bar :) 

and we did it - Aperol spritz  with some delicious snacks 

Me and lovely girls from Amsterdam before diner :)

Best seafood place in Bergamo - MUST if you are there! 

If you are in Italy and you are having dinner with Italians - be aware that you will have to eat 3 course meal and a desert! No excuses accepted!

I got 3 heavenly perfect dishes and some oysters! 

 My last day In Bergamo was so warm and sunny- I didn't want to come home.. I never want to come home from Italy but even more when in Latvia is bad weather

My last moments in NOUBA office with lovely Armanini family ( owners of NOUBA)
and Girls from Amsterdam and the rest of NOUBA staff 

For Latvians I have to say that NOUBA can be touched and tested and bought in Two stores in Riga - 
Alfa - Kolonna & Riga Plaza - Douglas! 
From Tuesday as well Domina Shopping - Douglas! 

And my last moments in Bergamo  Airport was with Aperol Spritz & Italian  fashion magazines 

I have so many stories in line for you guys! I hope I will have a time to share them with You!
But now I am off to ( somewhere) you will know more about very very soon! 

Have a brilliant day & I send you Lots of LOVE! 

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