Special Effects

Hi, Loves! 

Today I will show you a sneak peek in to one seminar I attended some time ago at school! 
As you know or you don't  I absolutely love Special effects make-up & I really really want to go to USA to Cinema Makeup School to study it professionally :) 

But while I am trying to earn in my piggy bank money for that I catch each opportunity here in Riga where I can learn & See how It is done and what materials are used! 

First He (Romāns Kaboško ) showed how can we  make a Cast of a face.. this is not final- if you want to make a negative of it you have to put gypsum bandages on top to make it hard and long lasting. 

And second what he showed was scars and wounds :) 
This wasn't so interesting for me cause I already know how to make them :) 

This is His make-up bag :)

Oh, I think the best present on Christmas or my Birthday would be a chance to make a mould of my face - so after I can sculpt something on it and After Make a mask . Oh, that would be so super Cool! Now I am dreaming with open eyes but it's not forbidden :D 
Do you like special effect make- up??? :) 

Have an awesome day darling readers ♥♥

4 komentāri:

  1. Manuprāt, speciālo efektu grims ir jau augstāka līmeņa rādītājs - spēt skaisti izpludināt ēnas, saprast mijiedarbību starp krāsām un piemeklēt pareizos toņus ar laiku spēj iemācīties ikviens, taču mācēt uztaisīt ko šādu, turklāt tādā līmenī kā, piemēram, Amerikāņu šausmu un sci-fi filmās, nu jā, tas jau ir talants un, protams, mūsdienu apstrādes tehnoloģija! :)

    Burvīgs raksts un, protams, novēlu Tev piepildīt savu sapni! :)

    1. Paldies :) žēl arī ka pat apgūstot šīs zināšanas Latvijā viņas izmantot ir maz iespēju... Kaut gan kas zin kā būs pēc pāris gadiem :)

  2. I love special effects makeup too! I'm in the same boat as you, saving my money to take classes :). My dream
    would be to make moulds and masks of the cast from Lord of the Rings. The orcs are out of this world. Good luck!

    1. So nice to hear! we are on the same page ;) Keep in touch sweet xo