DIY Chain/Charm Bracelets

Hi, my Lovely readers! 
Today I would like to show you how I created this years Christmas Gifts for my Girls :)
I hope they like them!

What you will need:
Chain ( silver or gold it is up to you)  for base 
Jump- rings and Clasps as many as charms you will have 
Charms and/or swarovski beads
Jewellery Pliers 

Step 1:  add jump-ring to one end of chain 

Step 2: Cut chain as long as you need to fit around the hand

Step 3: Add Clasp to other end

Step 4: Make attachable charms

Put together Charm + Jump ring + clasp

Final step 5: Add charms to chain :) 

 And your bracelet is Done ;) 

Hear are two other bracelets from Christmas Post :) 

I Hope you like this Tutorial :) And as well you can change charms on your bracelet to make it look differently :) 

 Wishing you all a fab day ♥♥ & many  positive moments! See you next time with an Outfit post ;) 
Lots of Love !! 

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  1. Skaisti auskari iznākuši! :)

  2. jā, man arī ļooti auskariņi patīk. :)
    sirsnīga dāvaniņa :)