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Hey sweet hearts! 

Today was quite a nice day :) During the day I was working in Douglas store at Domina shopping but after work I went for a dinner at my friends home! It was so nice after such a long day to have a very tasty dinner and perfect Company :) 

During the day time was quite warm and sunny but when I went outside the shopping centre after work I was so cold. So when I was choosing my outfit for dinner I was thinking of warm but still quite elegant.  

I was wearing: 
Bershka - Blouse
Zara - Jacket, Burgundy leggings
H&M - Bug necklace
Juicy Couture - earrings 
Michael Kors- watch
Orange- Bracelet
De Javu ( vintage) - Clutch
Bought in Berlin - No name Boots 

I am totally in Love with all clothes that has any leather elements.. I think that combination looks amazing! 
And Zara leggings are superb. Fits perfectly & looks cool with boots, heels and even flats :) 

Some Photos from evening :)
Sweets, tea and friends... 

Fell in Love with Table set & when I turned around the cup.... 

I understood why I liked it :) It's Perfect! 

I Hope you had a lovely day! Tomorrow I am working  - Again :) But this time I will do Spanish inspired make-up look For a carnival. Can't wait for that.  
Wish you a Fab day tomorrow! 

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  1. Goshh...you have the longest legs...lovely!