NEW YEAR & Christmas Giveaway!!

Hey, Loves!! 

Can't believe that one more year is Over And new one will begin! I have to say that this year for me has been very challenging. But I have to say thank you cause I have learned a lot! I hope that next year for me & for you all as well will be better and more positive in all ways!  Today Is the last day of the year and I have so many many things to do! I want to finish all small things that has to be done this year and start the next one Really Fresh! :)  And I have to say that I will start next year really crazy :D And I love it! 

Today Will be a very FUN post! Cause I want to tell who is My Christmas Giveaways person ( not winner) & I would Like to show you My Last Outfit post During 2012 cause next one I will do straight  away after 00:00 No matter where I will be! 

So First of All ! 

Congrats to Santa Kudreņicka who gets my  Christmas present! 
Oh, sweet heart I hope you will like it! I will contact you Personally :) 
But for now I wish you perfect New Years Eve - lots of smiles, loves, champagne & unforgettable moments! 

After this positive Note :)

This was My yesterdays - 30th of December look!
It was quite warm and Sunny day so I wore my loved Prada sunglasses :) 

I was wearing:
Dorothy Perkins - Coat
Minusey - Swather
- Skirt
Lindex - Long socks 
Moon Boots ( bought in Italy)
Guess- Bag
Prada - Sunglasses
Colleseum - Necklace
Michael Kors- Watch

I hope you Like my look :) Dark but with a splash of color! 
Ok guys I am off.. today will be a very very long day- cause I am working all day till 23:00 o'clock and I will just have enough time to change in to a dress and poor a champagne not to miss midnight :) 
 Once again Tons of Hugs, Love and best wishes meeting New 2013 year!!! 

2 komentāri:

  1. Paldies, Lauruu. blush
    Prieka un mīlestības pilnu Tev šo Jauno 2013. gadu! Lai viss iecerētais izdodas.

    1. Paldies, Paldies, paldies ;) Tev vēl lieliskāku un sperīgāku šo jauno gadu ;)