New 2013 :)

Good morning loves! 

Today I'm blogging straight away from RIX airport!  After 2h beauty :D sleep I am in the airport waiting for my Todays First Flight. :) As my New Year In Latvia wasn't as crazy as I wanted I will go and try to find a place in the wild world where is still 2012 :) If you will keep following me on Instagram - You will definitely be the first one who will know where I am going :) 

By the way how was your New years celebration? I hope that fabulous! 

Mine was quite, nice & simple but I actually loved it cause I had a fantastic company :) 
And I was working almost till 23:00 - I can't complain at all cause all the 6 girls I did make-up for looked Stunning! 

These are my Old/ New years looks!

During the day while working :) 

While meeting new 2013 

My Girls 

During the Night :) I packed my Bag 

Just these Beauty products I took with me! 

So Keep following my journey :) 
And this Is what I saw before I created this post!!! 

Have a great day you guys♥

4 komentāri:

  1. Izskatās, ka brauc slēpot. Lai veicas ceļojumā! :)

  2. Ceru, ka būs lielisks ceļojums! :)

  3. Jauku cełojumu Tev. Tu to esi pelnījusi :)