Hair day :)

Hi Loves.

Today I will show you Few products that are new in my Hair section :) 
All of them are from Schwarzkopf company. 
First of them is Shampoo for Hair Growth - as I really want my long hair back I will try everything to at least a little bit improve growing speed :)
Second is Repair Rescue Hair mask - as well as I'm trying to keep my hair in a good shape cause  everyday I flatiron them and two weeks ago I was changing my hair colour and was taking out  dark pigments using bleach & to get the right colour that supposed to be in the end I will have to repeat this step with a bleach really soon. So I am Hoping that this product will be up to the game :)
Third one is Silhouette super Hold Hairspray - this product I've been using for years. Love the hold that it gives for evening hairdo's and even if I do curls on long hair- this one holds them really well. 
and Last but not least is Silhouette Styling & Care lotion- flexible hold. - now use this one to keep my hair straight during all day - as my hair tend to get fluffy during the days when it is wet. Few days using and I'm happy about it. Would love to do curls using this product and then see how it holds :)

Have you used any of these products? Maybe you have something to say about them & I would really love to hear your opinion. Or maybe bigger review on a specific products - just let me know. 

Wish you a Fab day- as my day starts know with big snowflakes falling from sky :) It is snowing again! 
Ok, I am off to hair extension courses  - can't wait to know more about it :) 

2 komentāri:

  1. Neesmu lietojusi tieši šos konkrētos produktus, bet no BC sērijas lietoju Moisture Kick šampūnu un spreja kondicionieri. Abi ļoti patika. Sevišķi šampūns. :)

  2. Man ir šī laka, maniem garajiem matiem nedaudz par stipru fiksācija. No repair rescue ir bijis serums matu galiem, tas gan bija ļoti labs. :)