Modern Ancient Egypt

Hey Superstars :)

Today Pistures from my Exam :) It was this tuesday and I had 3 hours to do hairstyle, make-up and finish up outfit.. My theme was ancient Egypt but I Had to do it more modern not the same as it was during those times. It was quite a challenge cause I went for unusual materials. It wasn't easy to work with them at all. but I hope I managed it quite well- could the result be better? Yes! It could But still I am really happy with it. So here are the pictures! 

Used products for Make-up:
MUFE- HD foundation 125
Nouba gold tan 2
MUFE sculpting kit 3
Inglot blush 27
Maybelline Color tattoo - gold
MUfe black pencil k1
Kryolan - Yellow eyeshadows
Micabella - white gold star powder - thaiti 
gold, white gold glitters from- Drogas
turquoise star powder - costal scents
Gold star powder- no name
MUFE- eye seal 
Maybelline gel eyeliner 
Fake eyelashes 
Lashgrip - glue
Flitters, metal studs
Lips :
Artdeco lip pencil - bronze

Garnier wet gel
Schwartzkopf Got2b hair spray 
hair pins
hair crimper

I hope You like my Idea of Ancient Egypt :) 

And by the way it's easy to get stuck in a "makeup rut" and I'm the first to raise my hand and say I'm guilty of it. 
I often use the same products for months. 
This year, I'm making it my mission to start using some different products instead of reaching for the same old blush & mascara day after day. 
Be prepared for lots of Face of the Day & Shopping the Stash posts coming up in the near future! I hope so! :)

wish you a fab day ♥ & now I am off to school & Then to work! 

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  1. What an awesome costume! The make up is flawless, congrats!