Long Sunday

Hey Superstars :)

Today was a Long long day and it is not over yet. Quite boring with few fun moments. I am so desperate to go to the cinema ... OMG I want to see any movie.. Cause Last 3 days I am working on my exams outfit. Will show you some pictures with the mess I've made while designing.  My theme is Ancient Egypt. I love everything about Egypt thats why I chose to do my exam work about it. We have to create Hairstyle, Make - up & outfit. But it has to be modern. How was your weekend. I've been working or stuck in one room studying & I still have to make paper work as well for this exam.. Boo for me - I always leave everything for the last moment and then there are nights without sleeping and bad mood days cause I want to sleep. Ok no more wining :D Will show you some pictures ;)

This is what I have done.. Not much but still more than a half. So I have one day left to finish it up & to be ready for Exam ;) 

And this was my todays Half me look :) 

On my lips - Nouba Millebaci - love this long lasting lipstick 
All make-up with Nouba products 
Eyebrows - Christian eyebrow kit

Ok, Loves I'm falling asleep. Tomorrow will be crazy day :) I hope you will have a FAB day tomorrow 
Lots of Love ♥♥

P.s Hugs to Ieva Zandere you made me smile today!  I think she knows what I am talking about ;)

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